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Introducing the new Agilent 1200 Series LC platform: All the performance. All the time
Introducing the new Agilent 1200 Series LC platform: All the performance. All the time
Whatever your priority, speed, resolution or sensitivity, the new Agilent 1200 Series, with it's flexible, modular design, ensures configurations ideally suited to meet your application requirements. Fully integrated solutions help you achieve improved data quality and higher productivity without forcing you to make compromises. The scalable and open architecture of the Agilent 1200 Series builds on the 1100 Series platform with an installed base of more than 60 000 HPLC systems. This assures that you have made a secure investment for the future by providing built-in expandability, adaptability and reliability. The new Agilent 1200 Series represents the next generation of HPLC, designed for even greater robustness and reliability, together with enhanced performance. Versatile, scalable solutions for multiple performance levels. The new 1200 Series offers now the broadest LC portfolio available on a single platform providing: o Variety of different high performance pumps, injectors, thermostats, detectors and fraction collectors to match your application needs o Built-in system intelligence for ease-of-use and maximum system uptime. o Upgradeable informatics solutions from single chromatography data systems to fully integrated data management system, plus application-specific software such as for walk-up operation, gel permeation chromatography or high-through put purifications systems. o Extensive HPLC column portfolio providing separation solutions from nano to preparative scale. o Global network of support, compliance and education services Short columns with sub-2 µm particles offer a unique opportunity to dramatically reduce analysis time by increasing the flow rate without losing separation performance. In order to take full advantage of their power, you need a system that can do more than handle high back pressure. The answer is a fully integrated solution, optimized for system volumes, cycle times, data acquisition rates and temperature control. Small particle size and long separation columns are key for higher efficiency and resolution. The Agilent 1200 Series Rapid Resolution system fully exploits the power of Agilent ZORBAX Rapid Resolution HT columns (20 to 150 mm) with 1.8 µm particles, providing a new dimension of information for complex samples. The easy-to-use HPLC-Chip/MS system significantly improves your nanoflow separations by eliminating all post-column dead volumes and is ideally suited for high sensitivity nanospray LC/MS with limited Serum sample with HPLC- sample amount.

Agilent, USA (12/03/2006)
Mark NTL106-18

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