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Sievers TOC Analyzers Facilitate Cleaning Validation
Sievers TOC Analyzers Facilitate Cleaning Validation
More and more companies are utilizing TOC analysis for cleaning validation because it is faster, easier, and more economical than other methods. The TOC method yields high sample throughput and reduces protocol execution time. This is true even with compounds generally thought to be insoluble in water or bulky proteins common in the Biotech industry. Furthermore, the FDA readily accepts the TOC method in its regulatory guidelines for measuring contaminant residues. The Sievers® 900 Series TOC Analyzers (laboratory, on-line, and portable models) from GE Analytical Instruments are the most sensitive TOC instruments on the market. With an operating range of 0.03 ppb to 50 ppm, the Analyzers can be used for Clean-in-Place rinse samples, swab recovery surface samples, and USP water releases without daily recalibration before running different levels of sample concentrations. When combined with automated sampling, selective CO2 conductometric membrane detection, an autoreagent feature for complete oxidation, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance readiness, the Sievers 900 Series TOC Analyzers offer an unsurpassed solution for removing cleaning validation constraints.

GE Analytical, USA (07/03/2006)
Mark NTL405-23

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