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MALDI-TOF Proteomics
MALDI-TOF Proteomics
Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionisation time-of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI) is now widely used in the positive identification of proteins. Although advances in MALDI technology have increased sensitivity and sample throughput, acquiring data on conventional reflectron designs still has limitations.The principle limitation is in the acquisition of post-source decay spectra (PSD) in multiple 'data segments'. These 'data segments' are acquired at different reflectron voltages and stitched together to form a single spectrum of the sample. A time consuming and inefficient process. In the Shimadzu Biotech Axima-CFR plus MALDITOF systems a unique curved field reflectron is used to significantly increase the speed and sensitivity of the PSD analysis by enabling the acquisition of a fully focused PSD spectrum in a single analysis: seamless PSD™ (sPSD). This results in a high performance research grade MALDI-TOF system that is fast, sensitive and delivers high quality data. Powerful performance for a diverse range of biochemical applications Superior mass accuracy and resolution - ultrafast reflectron detector & 2 GHz transient recorder. High sensitivity detection CID-enhanced PSD fragmentation Beam blanking - for low mass cut-off Automated functionality for unattended PMF and data-dependent PSD experiments.The unique patented curved field reflectron provides efficient and economical peptide fragmentation data for protein identification.

Shimadzu, USA (11/04/2005)
Mark NTL405-41

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