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Single- and multichannel microliter pipettes, motorized!
Single- and multichannel microliter pipettes, motorized!
The Transferpette® electronic provides a significant operation ease and is the first microlitre pipette worldwide to be awarded the "Ergonomics Approved" certificate from the TÜV Rheinland! The optimal design, the arrangement of the operating elements and the adjustable finger rest allow the motorized Transferpette® electronic to be tailored to the form of your hand. The innovative two-component nose cone of the single-channel pipette sizes 20-200 µl and 100-1000 µl respectively the special V-rings of the multichannel pipette significantly reduce the tip-mounting and ejection forces to a minimum and allow perfect fit of virtually all commercially available pipette tips. Motor-driven to reduce the risk of RSI and imprecision, they offer five operating modes: Pipetting mode, Reverse pipetting, Mixing, Dispensing, Gel-electrophoresis modes. Additional prime features: Easy Calibration function for rapid adjustment of the unit without tools; extremely fast pipetting speed; simple in-lab maintenance; completely autoclavable pipette shafts respectively manifolds/pipetting units; NiMH rechargeable battery pack and battery regeneration-mode; CE-marked according to IVD-Directive 98/79 EG. Models: Single-channel pipettes: 0,5 - 10 µl, 2 - 20 µl, 20 - 200 µl, 100 - 1000 µl, 500 - 5000 µl; Multichannel pipettes (8-/12-channel): 0,5 - 10 µl, 1 - 20 µl, 5 - 100 µl, 10 - 200 µl, 15 - 300 µl. Each single-channel Transferpette® electronic is supplied with its own power supply unit. As an alternative the three-pipette stand can charge up to three instruments at the same time. With the charging stand, individual chargers are not needed. The multichannel pipette Transferpette®-8/-12 electronic additionally include a stand, one reagent reservoir, one Tip-Box SL and one Tip-Rack.

BRAND, Germany (11/03/2005)
Mark NTL405-40

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