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The Next Generation of TOC Analyzers - The Sievers® 900 Series
The Next Generation of TOC Analyzers - The Sievers® 900 Series
The new, three-model 900 Series includes the 900 Laboratory, 900 On-Line, and 900 Portable TOC Analyzers, offering improved analytical performance, ease of use, productivity, and reliability. Also introduced was the optional 900 Autosampler. The Sievers 900 Series TOC Analyzers-designed with customer feedback-represents the next generation of the Sievers 800 TOC Analyzer used by more than 3,000 customers worldwide. Key enhancements to the 900 Series include improved precision and accuracy across an extended 0.03 to 50,000 parts per billion dynamic range; 4-minute analysis time; automated calibration, verification, and reagent adjustment routines; a smaller instrument casing; a touch screen display for quick access to real-time or trend data, and a USB port for data transfer. For laboratory use, the 900 Autosampler offers up to 156% more sampling capacity than its Model 800 predecessor. In addition, the 900 Autosampler offers user-defined random sampling capability for added flexibility and convenience. The Sievers DataPro 900™ software, which integrates the Autosampler with a 900 Analyzer, offers new productivity features and versatile TOC data control. The 900 Series Analyzers are used for general TOC monitoring in pharmaceutical, municipal, semiconductor, and power applications. Each 900 Series model has new features specifically designed for its intended application and operating location. Like the Model 800 predecessor, the 900 Series TOC Analyzers are easy to set up, operate, and maintain. With minimal training, an operator can analyze samples in less than an hour. Unlike many competitive analyzers that use technologies such as non-dispersive infra-red, the 900 Series Analyzers require no external gasses or reagents, offer 12-month calibration stability, and require approximately two hours of maintenance annually.

GE Analytical, USA (09/05/2005)
Mark NTL305-45

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