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New Benchtop Protein Crystallization System
New Benchtop Protein Crystallization System
The new CRYSTAL FARM CF-150 employs the same technology as the CF-400 model in a smaller footprint. The Crystal Farm products have become a market leader in protein crystallization and imaging for the drug discovery and high throughput crystallography community. The Crystal Farm is a fully integrated web-based incubation and imaging system used for protein crystallization screening and optimization. By providing high-throughput protein crystallization automation, Crystal Farm addresses the critical quest for high-speed structure-based drug discovery and design. The benchtop system combines capacity for up to 15,000 simultaneous experimental conditions, with DPI's patent pending "Cool Flash" imaging technology, and includes a web-browser based interface that controls all system functions either locally or remotely, including priority-based image scheduling, viewing and scoring. Experimental results stored in a SQL database can be easily mined for monitoring and optimizing crystallization experiments. "The strategic partnership between Discovery Partners and Bruker AXS has allowed us to provide powerful crystallization and X-ray diffraction solutions to the drug discovery and structural biology communities," said Riccardo Pigliucci, Chairman and CEO of Discovery Partners International. "The technological leadership of the Crystal Farm, together with Bruker's expertise and marketing presence in X-ray crystallography, has allowed the Crystal Farm to establish a strong position in this dynamic new market."

Bruker AXS, Germany (05/07/2005)
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