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Electronic pipetting simpler and safer
Electronic pipetting simpler and safer
Pipetting has never been so simple and safe. Carefully developed in every detail, the Acura® electro is a highly professional and comfortable tool meeting the highest pipetting requirements. Acura® electro is a microprocessor controlled pipette with outstanding ergonomy. Four micro-models cover volumes from 0.5 to 1000 µL. Two macropipettes extend the range to 10 mL. Six instruments with 8- and 12-channel range from 0.5 to 350 µL. And each volumetric module is interchangeable on a control unit. An intuitive control software allow quick access to forward, reverse, step-wise, dilution and mixing modes. The Acura® electro features: Optimised ergonomics and working comfort; light weight; easy, intuitive, self teaching programme; right or left display reading; swift-interchange battery pack; innovative tip ejection concept; electronic control unit fits other volume modules.

Socorex, Switzerland (05/01/2005)
Mark NTL205-11

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