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Sievers® 900 Series Laboratory TOC Analyzer and 900 Autosampler
Sievers® 900 Series Laboratory TOC Analyzer and 900 Autosampler
The Sievers® 900 Laboratory Analyzer is one of the new Sievers 900 Series TOC Analyzers, the next-generation of the best-selling Sievers 800 TOC Analyzer. The 900 Laboratory Analyzer delivers unsurpassed productivity through advanced automation and ease-of-use features. Automated calibration and validation procedures, 4-minute analysis time, automated reagent adjustment, 12-month calibration stability, and low maintenance requirements (approximately two hours per year) make the 900 Laboratory Analyzer a clear choice for discriminating lab professionals. The Analyzer also offers exceptional accuracy and precision across the Analyzer's 0.03 ppb to 50 ppm operating range. In addition, the Analyzer's compact 19.2-cm wide profile efficiently uses valuable bench space. For more demanding environments, the 900 Laboratory Analyzer can be used with the 900 Autosampler which offers up to 156% more sampling capacity than its Model 800 predecessor. In addition, the 900 Autosampler offers user-defined random sampling capability for added flexibility and convenience. The Sievers DataPro 900™ software, which integrates the Autosampler with a 900 Analyzer, offers new productivity features and versatile TOC data control. The optional DataGuard software facilitates 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, including system security assurance, electronic signature capability, and the creation of an automatic, independently generated audit trail.

GE Analytical, USA (11/09/2004)
Mark NTL404-45

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