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A very compact, affordable and robust fermenter systemAutosampler
A very compact, affordable and robust fermenter systemAutosampler
One of the most intractable problems in Biotechnology is how to make fermentation easier for the new user or someone with occasional, straightforward requirements? Like office software, electronic controllers and instrumentation get ever more complex without regard for doing the fundamentals in a reliable and intuitive way. The MINIFORS is designed to redress this imbalance. It offers a package with everything necessary to begin fermentation on the bench-scale (1-3L working volume in this case) in a very compact, affordable and robust system. Options are provided for both Bacterial and Cell Culture type applications. From unpacking to being able to inoculate should take only minutes of the user's time and helpful guides are provided to make the process of setting up and using a fermenter as painless as possible. The key features of the design of MINIFORS which make life easier are: Easy assembly of the vessel and peripherals for autoclaving, including autoclavable pump heads which need no threading of tubing for set up. Easy fitting of the vessel to the base unit after autoclaving by use of an efficient heating block which eliminates the need for thermocirculators and silicone heater pads. Easy programming of parameter setpoints, calibration and control options using a system developed from our very successful MULTITRON range of stackable incubator shakers. Easy to use IRIS software for data logging, control, graphing and storage of experimental results (including those from off-line analysis). Easy setup and use makes handling multiple units less of a chore for operators. The MINIFORS provides the perfect "quick start in fermentation" for academic, industrial and research workers across a broad range of applications.

Infors, Switzerland (11/08/2004)
Mark NTL404-20

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