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Moving moments in confocal microscopy
Moving moments in confocal microscopy
Carl Zeiss now presents the confocal live cell imaging system of the successful LSM 5 family: the LSM 5 LIVE laser scanning microscope. With a completely new optical concept, particularly designed for studies on living specimens, it is totally different from other systems and opens a new time window for confocal microscopy. Its unique combination of scanning speed, image quality and sensitivity provides exclusive insights behind the scenes of cellular motion and interaction. Collecting up to 120 confocal images per second at a resolution of 512 x 512 pixels, the LSM 5 LIVE scans about 20 times faster than any other confocal system so far, while featuring outstanding image quality and exceptional sensitivity. The entire optical concept has been consistently tailored to biomedical applications. Thanks to precise optics, a creative beam splitter concept and innovative beam shaping, the LSM 5 LIVE opens up new horizons: fluorescence yield on the borders of the possible. With virtually 100 % excitation efficiency and highly efficient emission yield, the new AchroGate beam splitter guarantees maximum performance even on thick or weakly fluorescent specimens - regardless of the color of the excitation light. New ultrafast Z-drive solutions permit 3D image stacks to be acquired every second, especially useful for developmental biologists. Precisely tuned zoom optics and a sophisticated scanning concept permit the size and position of the scan field to be varied precisely, without simultaneously changing major optical parameters of the system. Individually adjustable and variable confocal pinholes ensure high confocality in all channels. This flexibility allows the optimum combination of spatial resolution and signal-to-noise ratio for every specimen and experiment. Finally, the ultrafast confocal live cell imaging system from Carl Zeiss is based on the LSM 5 software concept and completed by new software packages such as the new Visual Macro Editor for automated workflows with Drag&Drop functionality.

Zeiss, Germany (11/06/2004)
Mark NTL404-16

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