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The ultimate camera for low light live cell microscopy
The ultimate camera for low light live cell microscopy
Andor Technology, renowned for technical expertise and innovation, were the first to release both front and back-illuminated Electron Multiplying (EM) CCD Technology (on-chip multiplication), offering single photon detection capability, highest available QE and excellent resolution. The EMCCD pioneers are once again driving this technology forward with the latest addition to the iXon imaging CCD range. The iXon DV885 offers the ultimate solution to live cell imaging with 8 x 8µm pixels for sharp intracellular resolution. The latest iXon CCD, DV885, provides a 1K x 1K sensor format for large field of view and offers 10MHz and 27MHz pixel readout options enabling >30 full frames /sec for imaging rapid live cell dynamics. Faster frame rates are also possible with sub-array/binning. The DV885 guarantees high Quantum Efficiency response over a broad wavelength range with 'Virtual Phase' technology, making it highly suited to a wide range of fluorophores. The iXon range of CCD's offers a wide range of benefits including Andor's guaranteed hermetic vacuum seal and unparalleled thermo-electric cooling performance to -80ºC for minimal darkcurrent - essential for the ultimate in EMCCD performance. Andor's unique hermetic vacuum seal means that no o-rings or inert gas are required. This technology, guaranteed for 5 years, enables a single AR coated window design, eliminating the requirement for a double window. It also ensures no icing or moisture and guarantees sensor QE and cooling performance year after year.

Mark NTL404-15

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