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Biopette ETM Electronic Pipettes: less force, less complexity
Biopette E<sup>TM</sup>  Electronic Pipettes: less force, less complexity
The new new electronic pipette has a motorized piston drive and is extremely simple to use. Available in single and multichannel versions, the BioPette E™ Electronic Pipettes are light weight, ergonomic, and offer extreme accuracy and precision. The BioPette E incorporates a high precision stepper motor and microprocessor to accurately monitor and control piston movement. A rechargeable Lithium Ion battery holds its charge through 2000 pipetting cycles and can easily be charged using the including adapter - but can also be quickly exchanged for a charged battery. In addition to standard pipetting modes, the BioPette E can be programmed for multiple dispensing, sequential dispensing, sequential aspiration, and mixing. Aspirating and dispensing speed is variable, and all settings can be saved as a program for easy recall.

Labnet, USA (11/02/2004)
Mark NTL404-12

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