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Stepper 411 - the repeater pipette
Stepper 411 - the repeater pipette
The highly comfortable pipette, which allows reliable serial dispensing of volumes between 10 µL and 5000 µL. The unique four finger button eliminates the thumb fatigue. The cautiously selected materials for its fabrication results in an outstanding shock resistance. The compact and simple form of the housing reduces a possibility of an internal contamination. A selection of 53 different volumes, and up to 73 dosing steps per filling. Two years of warranty. Three color coded syringes Ecostep cover the complete range of volumes. It is fabricated with PE/PP material, and offers for the positive displacement of the pipettes a high level of results performance. And a high level of resistance and secure dosing in series with a large selection of liquids. Ecostep will be delivered in bags without sterilization, or sterilized as biofproof and packaged individually. The high level of purity of the Ecostep bioproof pipettes warrants a maximum of biological security in the areas of pharmacy, food, biotechnology and in medical research. They are free of human DNA, DNase and RNase, and are therefore the perfect answer for all applications in the area of genetics and molecular biology. Take advantage of the an attractive offers of the Stepper / Ecostep at all distributors of Socorex products.

Socorex, Switzerland (12/19/2016)
Mark NTL215-27

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