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Dispensette® S - the new generation bottle-top dispenser from BRAND
Dispensette® S - the new generation bottle-top dispenser from BRAND
The best Dispensette® ever!
Extremely easy filling and dispensing
Simple priming by optimized flow channels
Rapid and safe volume adjustment with internal scalloped track
Effortless cleaning, no sealing rings required
The right bottle-top dispenser for each application:

Dispensette® S, suitable for an amazingly broad range of applications,
particularly for many acids, saline solutions and organic solvents

Dispensette® S Organic, ideal for dispensing of organic solvents and acids

Dispensette® S Trace Analysis, specialized for dispensing high-purity acids, bases and H2O2. Also suitable for dispensing of hydrofluoric acid when using platinum-iridium valve spring

Select from three different approaches to volume adjustment:
Digital, Analog-adjustable, and Fixed-volume models. Proven features of the top of the line model type Digital include an easy to read digital display with mechanical volume setting and the patented Easy Calibration Technique for calibration adjustment in seconds without tools! With the Analoge-adjustable model the volume setting engages safely and quickly via the new internal scalloped track.

All new Dispensette® S models (except Dispensette® S Trace Analysis) operate on the principle of a "floating piston" which minimizes wear, and allows near effortless single handed dispensing. The new discharge valve with safety ball can be easily removed for cleaning.

For rapid and bubble-free priming without reagent waste the Dispensette® S models are also available with recirculation valve. All models are autoclavable at 121° C.

BRAND, Germany (09/08/2016)
Mark NTL215-12

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