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BRANDnew Tip System - Top tip quality for reliable analyses
BRANDnew Tip System - Top tip quality for reliable analyses
The new pipette tips and filter tips, standard or Ultra Low Retention, sterile or non-sterile, are manufactured by BRAND in a cleanroom under the most modern production conditions, and are automatically rack packed and packaged to ensure that the tips are of consistently high quality.

New tips
    • Additional volume sizes, thin-walled design
    • All sterile tips and packagings are certified in BIO-CERT® quality, with certificate
    • ;High-purity polypropylene, free from DiHEMDA and oleamide
    • Manufactured without lubricants; cadmium-free pigments
    • Graduation for a quick volume check&Space;&Space;&Space;&Bull; Autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. DIN EN 285
    • CE-marked according to IVD-Directive 98/79 EC

New boxes
    • TipBox now with combined hinged/push-on lid for single-handed operation
    • All sizes up to 1000 µl available in 96-unit format
    • Usable with a partially loaded multichannel pipette
    • Transparent window for better all-round visual inspection
    • Tip-trays with (side panel) labeling, the contents of the box are always clearly visible

New racks
    • TipRacks with recyclable PET-packaging, waste reduction over 20%

New stacks
    • TipStack™: tip towers contains 5 space-saving racks plus 1 TipBox
    • Tightly sealing spacers prevent the tips from getting stuck together

BRAND, Germany (08/07/2016)
Mark NTL115-20

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