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PCR disposables from BRAND the optimal product for every application!
PCR disposables from BRAND the optimal product for every application!
BRAND has enormously expanded its PCR product range and offers premium products for the most demanding users. With manufacturing under state of the art cleanroom conditions and use of high-performance tools a consistent high quality is guaranteed from batch to batch.
In addition to single PCR tubes, strips of 8 or 12, both 24-well and 48-well PCR plates, there are now seventeen different 96-well PCR plates and four 384-well PCR plates available. The blue alphanumeric coding and cut corner marking facilitate orientation, and help with secure identification of the samples.
White PCR disposables from BRAND help optimizing the results of real-time PCR by maximizing the fluorescence signals. Further, the white walls of the wells protect against signal cross-talk in the entire thermal cycler block for more precise and undistorted results.
Use of low profile PCR tubes and plates increases efficiency of PCR and reduces reagent costs. Additionally, low profile PCR disposables reduce the dead space and resulting evaporation losses.
The ultra thin-walled design facilitates optimal heat transfer, shortens cycle times and provides precise results in each well.
The wide selection of PCR tubes, strips and plates allows the user the ability to choose the ideal product for all common thermal cyclers.

BRAND, Germany (08/09/2014)
Mark NTL214-11

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