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Have it all: CO2 and O2 measurement combined - in the lab and for portable use at-line
Have it all: CO<sub>2</sub> and O<sub>2</sub> measurement combined - in the lab and for portable use at-line
After years of providing highly accurate carbon dioxide and oxygen meters, Anton Paar now unveils its new range of instruments for dissolved gas measurement both in the lab and at the production line.
The range includes CarboQC for measuring dissolved CO2, CboxQC for measuring both dissolved oxygen and CO2 in one cycle and OxyQC for measuring dissolved O2.
The At-line versions, CarboQC At-line, CboxQC At-line and OxyQC, are designed for portable measurement from process lines, tanks, kegs or casks. The built-in battery ensures up to 10 hours of at-line operation and a special CO2 and O2 Data Logger function allows continuous measurement at defined intervals, with a memory capacity of up to 500 results including timestamp and sample ID.

The stand-alone CarboQC, CboxQC and OxyQC models for the laboratory provide simple measurement procedures. The beverage sample is transferred to the measuring chamber without loss of CO2 and O2 using the connected Anton Paar Piercing and Filling Device. Both models accommodate small package sizes: measurement is carried out on as little as 100 mL sample. By measuring dissolved oxygen, CboxQC also calculates the Total Package Oxygen value via Anton Paar's free software AP-SoftPrint or by connecting to a DMA Generation M system.
The carbonation meters use the Multiple Volume Expansion method patented by Anton Paar for CO2 measurement. This is a selective method which is not influenced by other dissolved gases in the beverage such as air or nitrogen. The results achieve a CO2 repeatability of up to 0.005 vol.

The new reliable optochemical oxygen sensor used in CboxQC, CboxQC At-line and OxyQC has an O2 sensor repeatability of ±2 ppb. This pressure-resistant, high-resolution optical sensor has a long working life and requires minimal maintenance. The fast response time and ideal temperature behavior of the oxygen sensor allow excellent measurement stability within a few seconds, even when measuring cold samples.
To make life easier, the new series' user interface is clearly arranged and the menu ensures intuitive navigation. Preprogrammed methods and measuring units, automatic service reminders, numerous wizard features and periodical checks help simplify everyday work.
This comprehensive range of CO2 and O2 meters also includes the CarboQC ME module. For combination with a DMA M density meter and Piercing and Filling Device, CarboQC ME can be integrated into Anton Paar's PBA beverage analyzer systems, controlled via the master instrument. All measured data are displayed together on the DMA M screen and printed as one report. For additional measurement of dissolved oxygen content, CarboQC ME with Option O2 is the perfect complement.
Wherever you are: in the lab or at the production line, Anton Paar's new range of instruments provides precise CO2 and O2 results.

Anton Paar, Austria (03/15/2014)
Mark NTL113-522

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