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Thermodynamics in perfection
Thermodynamics in perfection
The PRESTO© Family keeps growing. Julabo has launched two new systems, highly dynamic, for temperature control: the PRESTO A80 and the W80.
Julabo presents the two new members of the PRESTO family fully redesigned: the A80 and the W80. They combine the highest efficiency and incomparable performance for the use in modern laboratories. Both instruments cover a range of operating temperatures from -80 °C to +250 °C, with a cooling power of 1.2 kW and 1.8 kW of heating power. They are robust and of reliable working conditions, even at ambient temperatures of + 40 °C. The highly efficient components allow for an extremely fast compensation to exo- or endothermic reactions.

The powerful pump, maintenance free, provides up to 1.7 bar of pressure and a pumping flow of up to a maximum of 40 L/min. This guarantees the high flow rate at constant pressures and dynamic adjustments for any changes in the viscosity of the thermal fluid. The necessary pumping capacity may be adjusted in four levels, or preset at a pressure value.

A special characteristic of the new PRESTO is the interactive guide for the operator with a full color industrial touch panel with 5.7". All important information is presented in a clear and structured way. The functions of the touch panel ease the use of the equipment, even when using gloves.

A large variety of interfaces allow a for a flexible application in laboratories, with a remote control through an Ethernet network, wireless control with the Wireless TEMP from Julabo or integrating the equipments into an system of industrial controls.

All of the characteristics of our new PRESTO units ease the daily routine in the laboratory. Only to mention a few: The filling connector is easily accessible on the top of the unit; they operate like a whisper- no noise pollution, and are hardly heard in a laboratory. Just like all the other units of Julabo, the PRESTO units do not require extra space on the side, since there are no ventilation rifts. The space requirements are reduced to a minimum. Other equipments may be placed immediately next to a new PRESTO.
Competent advise, the personnel from Julabo will contact directly with the potential clients in order to select the appropriate specifications and the additional services in order to guarantee that all users of the instruments of Julabo will have the perfect solution for their temperature control application. Julabo offers a customer support for the installation and operation, supplies documents for the qualification of the instruments, and offers a training for the operation, making sure that every operator may work his or her Julabo unit quickly and securely during a long lasting time.

Julabo, Germany (03/14/2014)
Mark NTL113-521

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