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Micro-CT for SEM
Micro-CT for SEM
Bruker Nano Analytics introduces its new micro-computed tomography (CT) accessory for scanning electron microscopes (SEM). Micro-CT for SEM can add 2D and 3D high-resolution X-ray imaging capabilities to SEMs, allowing the nondestructive analysis of internal microstructures of specimens in numerous applications, including composite materials, ceramics, electronic components, filter materials, paper, wood, plants and many others.
The Micro-CT for SEM is suitable to analyze objects without the need for any specific preparation. Due to the extremely well focused X-ray source, and the precision rotation stage details of down to 400 nm size can be visualized in 3D. A direct detection 16 bit CCD camera is used to record shadow projections of the object's internal microstructure. Typical exposure times are 2-10 seconds per projection at electron beam currents of 100-500 nA. The X-ray camera is available with either 512x512 or 1024x1024 pixel resolution.
Bruker's Micro-CT for SEM is supplied with a powerful software suite. A program for 3D rendering is available to create realistic visual models.

Bruker Nano, Germany (02/07/2014)
Mark NTL113-520

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