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Temperature control at the highest level
Temperature control at the highest level
The Unistat series of controllers set new standards in thermodynamics. The upgraded series includes new features. The systems for temperature control, highly dynamic, from the Unistat line of products are considered the technological leaders for solutions in temperature control in chemical processes, due to their exact end efficient thermostatization of reaction vessels with double jackets and autoclaves. In comparison with the classical thermostats it is possible to obtain large and extremely rapid modifications of the temperature and of the range of temperatures without changing the fluid for circulation. The line of products includes more than 50 models and 200 variations with cooling power of up to 130 kW, and with a range of temperatures between -120 °C and +425 °C. These systems allow a scale-up from the R+D laboratory up to the production sites under stable conditions, and with a universal handling mode. With these features the process control technicians will operate the process with the highest security possible, with an optimum of high reproducibility, and with the best possible stability of the process. The technology Unistat-Hybrid, which is also included in the Unistat family, goes even a step further, and allows a temperature control of reactors with large volumes of up to 10 m³ and more. For these applications there is a need for additional sources of energy, such as steam, cooling water or liquid nitrogen, which is controlled precisely and with a low consumption of energy by the controller.

The operation of the Unistat units has considerably improved with the controller unit multitouch-Pilot-One. The operation is now being performed via the 5.7" TFT touch panel, in colors, with a menu similar to smartphones. On the main screen the key parameters, such as temperature of the process, temperature of the jacket and pressure of the pump, are shown in a structured layout. The temperature curves are shown in real-time graphics. Swiping over the screen with a finger, the presentation may be changed, for example reducing the size of the graphics on the screen or of the shown values of temperature. Now the USB interfaces are a standard feature. The Unistat equipments convince due to their characteristics, which optimize the interaction with the reaction system. For example, the circulation pump, with its high flow-rate, accelerates the heat transfer. The results are different velocities of cooling, up to various Kelvin per hour. A glimpse on the density cooling power data, required by the Standard DIN 12876, shows that the Unistat equipments are characterized by their unique thermodynamics. These are top systems on the market, which obtain top speed, something demonstrated on more than 200 case studies.

Huber, Germany (01/30/2014)
Mark NTL413-25

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