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Turn-key applicated GC solutions with virtually limitless options, ultimate versatility
Turn-key applicated GC solutions with virtually limitless options, ultimate versatility
Antek Instruments offers fully applicated, turn-key GC solutions spanning over 250 standard and customized applications. As a value-added reseller of various chromatographic technologies, Antek's line includes an extensive selection of GCs, detectors, sampling devices and software applications. Systems span all standard chromatographic methods (i.e. ASTM, IP, DIN, GPA, CGSB, EPA, CARB, etc.) and can range from single column to multi-valve/multi-detector configurations. A sampling of applications includes speciated and total sulfur and nitrogen, SimDist, refinery and natural gas, specialty chemicals, environmental and food & flavors. In its Applicated GC Solutions program, Antek offers FID, TCD, ECD, MSD, PDD and various other detectors, including those developed by Antek: the SCD and CLND. Antek's Sulfur and Nitrogen Chemiluminescence GC Detectors-SCD (sulfur) & CLND (nitrogen)-have been applied to various applications including agriculture, biotechnology, biochemical, food & flavor, solid phase synthesis, organic synthesis, petrochemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and polymer/plastics. Antek's advanced technology options also include their recently introduced 3600 Series Microwave GC Column Ovens, which accelerate conventional and Fast GC column temperature programming, providing superior heating and unprecedented cooling rates to significantly speed every analysis. Antek's patented Dual-Oven Microwave GC (Model 3602) converts an existing one-analysis-at-a-time GC into a simultaneous dual analyzer that can use concurrent yet different temperature programs-doubling laboratories' GC throughput.

Mark NTL304-26

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