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Presenting the new Unistats® with cooling powers up to 11 kW
Presenting the new Unistats® with cooling powers up to 11 kW
The Unistat® range of highly dynamic temperature control systems has been extended with four new models. The Unistat® 905, 905w, 912w and 915w have been designed for tasks in process and chemical engineering such as temperature control of reactors, autoclaves, mini and pilot plants, reaction blocks and calorimeters.

These temperature control systems offer unique thermodynamics for highly precise and reproducible temperature control results. Unistat® technology guarantees quick cooling and heating rates as well as wide temperature ranges without the need to change the thermal fluid.

All new models cover a temperature range from -90 °C to +250 °C and have heating powers of 6 kW. Depending on the model, the new Unistats® have cooling powers from 4,5 kW up to 11 kW. Unistats® are also equipped with a 5.7" colour TFT display for easy control. The display shows all important parameters at a glance and is even capable of illustrating temperature processes in graph ic and real time. Powerful speed regulated circulation pumps with delivery rates up to 110 L/min guarantee an ideal circulation and the soft start protects glass reactors against breakage.

Huber, Germany (06/29/2011)
Mark NTL211-24

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