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Particle sizing
Particle sizing
Measuring of particle number and particle sizes in liquid media specifically designed for lab and pharmaceutical applications is easy with the Syringe. The system includes the syringe device and a PC measuring card (PCI). You can use any syringes ranging from 1 ml - 25 ml. The system is available with various sensors for particle sizes of less than 1 µm - 500 µm. A sample-changer for up to 20 sample vessels is offered as an option. The particle counter Abakus mobil air is an evaluation system for measuring the number and size of particles in air and in gaseous media. The measuring system is suitable for stationary as well as mobile use. The variable equipment with five different particle sensors enables the particle counter to cover the measuring range from 0.1 µm up to 10 µm; it is thus suitable for manifold measuring tasks. These include monitoring and checking of clean rooms, clean benches, filter facilities in operation rooms, filling facilities in the pharmaceutical industry, separation efficiency determination of filters. The simple menu-prompting feature enables an efficient way of working from the start. During the measurement, the LCD display gives you the overview of 32 particle size channels, date, time and the number of the running measurement. The measuring results are represented as a table. After the end of measurement, a thermal printer enables you to print out the data together with threshold value exceedings and sample identification. With the software "Log and Show", you can do further processing of the measuring results at the PC in various programs (MS Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 etc.); the software also allows direct measuring and archiving. The automatic calibrating function of the particle counter enables an easy checking and recalibration of the system.

Markus Klotz, Germany (09/05/2004)
Mark NTL304-17

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