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Ultrafreezers for a safe long-term storage
Ultrafreezers for a safe long-term storage
The ultrafreezers from GFL have confirmed their excellent performance during long-term usage. They guarantee a long-term storage of organic substances; operate with microprocessor technology and RS232 interfaces. Optional interfaces RS422 and RS485 are also available.
The complete program comprises 12 floor-standing models with 6 different storage volumes, and 6 tabletop models with 3 different sizes, from 30 to 500 Liters of net volume.
These are energy-saving equipments, maintenance free, and come in different models with temperatures between 0 and -40 °C, and from -55 to -85 °C. The microprocessor controlled temperature regulation is powered by a NC-Battery, continuously charged during the operation, and in the case of a power failure, will operate the display and alarm functions during the next 60 hours. The multifunctional control panel, that is the data input, recall of all security important values, the pre-selected and actual temperatures, the over- and under temperatures alarm settings, capacity of the battery and the status of its charge.
There is a security barrier inhibiting an unauthorized access, and the equipments are build of stainless steel and able to operate in explosion proof environments. The 150 mm isolation on all sides guarantees an optimal freezing of all incoming samples. There are extremely practical options for the everyday work in the laboratory. As an option there are tailor-made special solutions for the storage of exceptional samples.

There are also models available for the laboratory professionals: the ultrafreezers 6441 and 6481 are models, which fit under the laboratory bench, directly at the working space. These allow the storage of the samples directly where you are working. They have an internal volume of 96 liters - a huge volume compared with the minimal space they occupy. There are models available with temperature ranges of 0 to -40 °C and for -50 to -85 °C. All ultrafreezers from GFL carry the security label CE.

GFL, Germany (04/30/2011)
Mark NTL210-15

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