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New GE Autosampler Enhances Sievers TOC Analyzer Productivity
New GE Autosampler Enhances Sievers TOC Analyzer Productivity
GE Analytical Instruments announces its new GE Autosampler, which features high-sample capacity and fast analysis time for enhanced automation. The GE Autosampler operates with all Sievers Laboratory and Portable Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers.
The GE Autosampler enables 24+ hours of unattended sample analysis. When paired with the Sievers 900, 5310 C, or InnovOx Series TOC Analyzers, users can run up to 63 40-mL vials, 120 17-mL vials, 63 60-mL vials, or 120 35-mL test tubes in one protocol. For maximum flexibility, a dedicated standards rack provides space for six vials that can be accessed multiple times in a protocol at user-selected intervals. The GE Autosampler offers unparalleled needle-to-position accuracy and the ability to pierce thick septa. It is also available with an optional needle rinse station and stirring device.

GE Analytical, USA (08/18/2010)
Mark NTL309-25

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