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BRAND is now introducing the General Catalog 800!
BRAND is now introducing the General Catalog 800!
The Catalog is now available in seven languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Polish. Please ask for your free personal copy!

With more than 320 pages the General Catalog 800 covers the complete program with many new products, e.g., Titrette®, the next generation of digital bottle-top burettes; Transferpette® S, multichannel pipettes; BRANDplates®, the new range of microplates; PUR plastic coated BLAUBRAND® volumetric flasks, class A, for better protection.
The product range includes laboratory equipment for liquid handling together with the associated consumables, extensive offerings for life sciences applications, classical volumetric equipment in both glass and plastic, items for the clinical laboratory and general laboratory needs, as well as information about our OEM capabilities.
Application support, key information on monitoring of measuring instruments and details on BRAND's related services like factory calibration and DKD Calibration Laboratory complement the product descriptions. Detailed technical information on physical properties of glass and plastics and cleaning make the General Catalog 800 a hands-on reference guide.

BRAND, Germany (04/24/2010)
Mark NTL309-28

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