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Fast and controlled evaporation - with one single touch
Fast and controlled evaporation - with one single touch
Many processes in the laboratory need a vacuum, such as drying, distillation or to concentrates samples, and each of these need to fulfill very different requirements regarding the pumping specifications and control characteristics. The modern pumping systems offered, are an integrated solution for these various needs. These systems allow the evaporation to be performed under optimum conditions, at a high and constant speed, and thereby shortening the time of the process considerably. The ease of use is another important aspect, which they should fit in order to facilitate the workflow in the laboratory.

The pumping unit for chemical applications PC 3001 VARIO from VACUUBRAND satisfies al these user needs, and, as the predecessor models the PC 2001 VARIO, has a long lifetime. The innovative automatic vacuum controller, CVC 3000, is integrated, which regulates in an optimal way the speed of the pump. The specimen is evaporated fully automatically, without the need to configure any parameter.

When this unit was launched to the market, which is operated with only one control button, easy to handle, and with a screen showing clear text, VACUUBRAND has again set new standards in regard to the intuitive operation of vacuum systems for the laboratory. The central piece is the vacuum pump membrane, which is resistant to chemical substances. The system reaches a final vacuum of 4 mbar with a connected gas ballast. Therefore also solvents with high boiling points are evaporated. In order to ensure a safe and reproducible operation of even complex applications, it is possible to program the operational parameters of up to 10 complete processes in the memory.

VACUUBRAND, Germany (04/16/2010)
Mark NTL408-18

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