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FRITSCH Sieve Shakers
FRITSCH Sieve Shakers
With their innovative and practical features, the new generation of FRITSCH Sieve Shakers satisfy all requirements for accurate and reproducible sieving analysis and even exceed requirements in many areas.
These instruments offer maximum comfort and precision with automatic amplitude control, programme selection, control and evaluation software as well as high-quality sieve stack tensioning system.
The top model ANALYSETTE 3 PRO can be integrated into any quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 as a testing instrument thanks to state-of-the-art electronics and maximum reliability. FRITSCH Sieve Shakers are available for sieves up to 450 mm in diameter for dry, wet and micro-precision sieving.
The automatic sieving analysis is performed by the free control and evaluation software AUTOSIEVE.
For years, developments in the particle measurement seemed to pass by sieving analysis. Now again there are good reasons to utilize the advantages this method has always possessed: good cost-to-performance ratio, adaptability and simple handling. In today's very competitive particle measurement market these must be supplemented with microprocessor technology, evaluation software and validation capability to prevail.
The message to everyone utilising sieve analysis should be: "Take advantage of the benefits of a tried-and-tested method. Use optimal hardware interfaced with operational information management."
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FRITSCH Sieve Shaker

Fritsch, Germany (04/04/2010)
Mark NTL110-523

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