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The first truly handheld bubble pressure tensiometer
The first truly handheld bubble pressure tensiometer
The novel tensiometer PocketDyne is characterized by its high flexibility and mobility in use. You can measure under any conditions possible and virtually in any beaker, container or tank. The ease of use is underlined by its robustness and ergonomic design following the long tradition of KRÜSS in this direction. The PocketDyne can be operated using one hand only. The thumb of your hand easily reaches the three large function keys. An ergonomic study lead to a design where the upper part is bent slightly ensuring a perfect readability of the display in any measuring situation you may encounter. This is also facilitated by the large and high-contrast display. All data received from the measurements are stored automatically. A measurement can be started right away; no introduction, no training and no selection of parameters are necessary. On top of that, our high performance accumulators allow for a daylong mobile use. Extremely precise and inexpensive disposable capillaries made from inert specialty polymers minimize the effort of calibration and guarantee a high degree of measurement accuracy. You avoid the time-consuming and incomplete cleaning often required when using other instruments. Also, the depth of immersion of the capillary does no longer affect the measurement results- thanks to the smart use of modern technology for which KRÜSS has a patent pending. The measurement runs automatically, surface age or bubble frequency are adjustable over a wide range. Thus surface-active material can be characterized fast - and complete compared with devices, which offer just limited and fixed settings for surface age. Default settings are either the real surface age or the bubble frequency, and not as other suppliers offer, just the less significant "bubble lifetime". For saving measuring data - the Dynamic Surface Tension - KRÜSS has equipped the device with a flexible memory, which saves the data even when the instrument is switched off. With this it is possible to transfer the measured data to a computer afterwards - particularly simple by use of the USB interface. The optional software module of the well-known tensiometer software LabDesk from KRÜSS turns the mobile PocketDyne into a completely computer controlled laboratory measuring instrument with graphic data output in real time. The equipment adapts to your requirements and you are not dependent on manual operation. You can order this instrument in our Online Shop. The Online Shop allows you to try out our new bubble pressure tensiometer PocketDyne in a virtual manner with plenty of information at your finger tips.

Krüss, Germany (04/02/2010)
Mark NTL408-17

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