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Perfect solution for dry measurement of particle size distributions!
Perfect solution for dry measurement of particle size distributions!
The Laser Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 22 MicroTec plus with dry dispersion unit is an universally applicable instrument for the determination of the particle size distribution of dry solids. It is suitable for the utilization in quality- and process control as well as in research and development.

Features of performance:
· extra-wide measuring range 0.08 µm (80 nm) up to 2000 µm
· Ideal measuring of powdery samples in an accelerated air flow
· Suitable for sample volumes of less than 1 cm3 to approx. 100 cm3
· Degradation of agglomerates with a special annular gap Venturi nozzle
· High-frequency feeder (hard-anodized) for continuous and residue-free sample feeding
· Automatic computer-controlled adjustment of the dispersion pressure
· Freely programmable fully automatic measurement processes
· Especially fast and easy to clean
· Multifunctional exhaust system for automatic sample exhaustion during the measurement and for cleaning after the measurement

Simple operation - fully automatic measurement, analysis and cleaning!

Catch up on the state-of-the-art laser technology by FRITSCH.
The FRITSCH Laser Particle Sizers

Fritsch, Germany (03/10/2010)
Mark NTL110-521

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