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Full Range of MultiGene Thermal Cyclers
Full Range of MultiGene Thermal Cyclers
Labnet offers a full range of thermal cyclers including the MultiGene Gradient for 0.2 mL tubes and plates, the MultiGene II with a smaller block for personal use and the new MultiGene with a capacity for 60 x 0.5 mL tubes.
All of these cyclers feature reliable Peltier technology for fast heating and cooling and an extended temperature range. Programming is easy and intuitive. The MultiGene Gradient and new 0.5 mL block unit incorporate a large display with graphical representation of program steps. The sophisticated software allows for a variety of programming features including time and temperature changes during successive cycles. In addition, the MultiGene Gradient can be programmed for one temperature across the block or a gradient of up to 24°C across the twelve rows, making it ideal for protocol development. Heated lids are standard on all MultiGene units. The larger units have adjustable lids that can be programmed to hold different temperatures. All of the cyclers are lightweight and compact in design. Labnet MultiGene thermal cyclers have been designed to provide results you can count on, time after time. They have been relied on by scientists all over the world, even in the harsh conditions of Antarctica, as a valuable laboratory tool. Users can see the power of the MultiGene for themselves by requesting a free demonstration in their laboratory.

Labnet, USA (03/08/2010)
Mark NTL408-13

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