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Prism R: Packed with Power
Prism R: Packed with Power
Labnet International is pleased to announce a new addition to its popular centrifuge line, the Prism R refrigerated micro centrifuge. At less than 11 inches wide, Labnet's Prism R has the smallest footprint in its class. One control knob and large LCD make programming and operation simple. A maximum speed of 13,500 rpm/17,133 x g is effortlessly reached by the brushless motor. In less than 8 minutes, the powerful refrigeration system can cool the centrifuge to 4ºC. The Prism R is supplied with a 24-place rotor for 1.5/2.0 mL tubes. Smaller tubes are accepted with adapters. Labnet's unique StripSpin™ rotor for PCR strips is available for the Prism R. The unit's vibration free isolation system helps in achieving smooth and quiet operation. Momentary spin and imbalance detection are just a few of the other features of this centrifuge. Additional information on the affordable priced Prism R and the other centrifuges in the Labnet line can be obtained from Labnet International.

Labnet, USA (02/24/2010)
Mark NTL408-513

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