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Laboratory Refractometers
Laboratory Refractometers
SCHMIDT + HAENSCH was founded in the year 1864, and combines tradition and innovation in the production and worldwide distribution of first class opto-electronic instruments. SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is one of the renowned manufacturers of polarimeters and refractometers for the laboratory and process control in such diverse application areas like food and beverages, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical. The key competences, know-how and innovation are materialized in laboratory instruments (polarimeters, refractometers and colorimeters), laboratory automation, process-control instruments and automated analysis. The laboratory refractometers of the ATR Series are instruments of superior excellence, developed by the team of highly qualified engineers, and manufactured by specialists according to the customer's requirements. The determining innovation is the modular concept of the instruments, which generates an immense variety of specific analyzers. This variety is necessary to comply with the different requirements of the various applications. Depending on the needs, the measuring unit is integrated in the instrument (ATR-ST) or inserted in an external stainless steel casing (ATR-SW & W2). Depending on the model, the measurements may be made in the single mode, or as a continuous flow with an optional flow valve. The samples may be stabilized thermally with an external thermostat (ATR-SW), or by using a measuring unit with an integrated Peltier thermostat (ATR-W1, ATR-W2). All types of these instruments are available in a "plus" version with a higher resolution and accuracy as the basic version.

Schmidt + Haensch, Germany (06/30/2009)
Mark NTL308-21

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