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Preparative HPLC Systems
Preparative HPLC Systems
As the scale of the chromatography process increases, the throughput and economic efficiency become more decisive factors. Peak-triggered fraction collection must be performed accurately delivering fractions of desired purity and allowing collection of large volumes for automated repeated runs. Eluent consumption and waste disposal costs need to be minimized. The KNAUER Prepline preparative HPLC meets these purification demands. It has been designed for flow rates of up to 1,000 ml/min and pressure stability up to 400 bar. With a footprint of just 22 x 40 cm (W x D) the system requires less space than most analytical HPLC. It can be operated either stand-alone or with one of KNAUER's software packages for fully automatic control and advanced fraction collection options. The components are also available with a range of wetted materials suitable for different HPLC purification tasks.

Knauer, Germany (06/01/2009)
Mark NTL308-19

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