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NIR Spectrometry
NIR Spectrometry
The crucial advantages of the Buchi NIRFlex N-500 and the extras for a safe and uninterrupted performance are, among others the rugged design. The unique polarization interferometer is insensitive to mechanical disturbances. This makes it the ideal choice for industrial applications. The comprehensive set of components and the modular design comprising the basic unit and various measurement options allows individual configuration to satisfy specific requirements. It is possible to change the measurement options within a matter of seconds. Its twin lamp module prevents downtime in case of lamp failures. Its lamp and laser can be exchanged by the customers themselves, minimizing servicing costs. Its smart compliance with the regulations in the pharmaceutical industry on the basis of the Life Cycle Model means: legal regulations are satisfied at no cost. Pre-calibrations facilitate routine application of NIR technology in the food and feed industries. All NIRWare and NIRCal data is securely saved in a database. Its compact Autosampler enables measurements of liquids in the transmittance mode under thermostated conditions of room temperatures and up to 65°C. Sample measurements at goods receipt can be performed directly in bags and containers using fiber optic probes.

Büchi, Switzerland (04/23/2009)
Mark NTL208-15

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