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ICP-OES for routine analyses
ICP-OES for routine analyses
PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences announced the Optima™ 7000 Series of Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emissions Spectrometers (ICP-OES). The Optima ICP-OES continues to evolve to meet changing customer needs. The Optima™ 7000 family is designed for best-in-class inorganic analysis, and is used in a variety of markets, including environmental, geochemical, product testing and biofuels. This newest generation in the Optima series includes a Universal Data Acquisition mode that records all of the spectral data for each sample. This enables customers to retrieve data that was not initially reported without needing to run the sample again, saving them time and increasing productivity.

"We gained valuable insights from customers in a variety of markets using inorganic analysis about how we could improve our already market-leading Optima solutions to help drive even greater efficiencies in their laboratories," said Dr. Ian Shuttler, Vice President, Inorganic Analysis, PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences. "Our customers asked for the Universal Data Acquisition feature to help them decrease analysis time, since the sample does not need to be rerun."

The Optima 7000 has several time-saving enhancements for laboratory personnel. For rapid review of results, the Optima 7000 generates an error flag if a sample result falls above or below a user-specified value. To ensure a consistently high level of data and without requiring additional resources, the instrumentation can automatically generate Quality Control (QC) charts that show results for analyses run over a specified period of time.

Shuttler added that the addition of modern electronics extends the instrument's lifetime, providing enhanced return-on-investment over previous technology.

The Optima 7000 Series replaces the Optima 2100, 5100, 5200 and 5300 models.

PerkinElmer, USA (04/22/2009)
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