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LAUDA Viscosity measuring system PVS - fully automatic and safe
LAUDA Viscosity measuring system PVS - fully automatic and safe
The LAUDA viscosity measuring system is built up from independent and self-contained functional units. These are linked through a central control unit to a conventional PC, which controls the entire measurement sequence and evaluates the measured data. The decentralized structure enables all components to operate independently of each other. Through this independence of the modules it becomes possible to assign different measurement routines to individual places, so that routines can run independently on the different places without any mutual interaction.

The modular structure also permits economic system arrangements, which are optimally matched to actual requirements. The configuration can thus be adapted to a larger sample throughput, to new tasks, or to the integration of newly developed modules.

Using these individual configurations, viscosities and characteristics derived from them can be evaluated for a great variety of materials like plastics, lubricants, oil and fuel, enzyme activity, cellulose.

With LAUDA's unique modular concept it is possible to set up system configurations, which represent the optimal combination of all functionalities required for a particular application. These range from 1-place measuring systems up to 8-place systems with automatic cleaning and the 4-place system with auto-sampler. A very high degree of automation is achieved for repeated measurement routines. The numerous operations, which are often still performed manually today, are thus reduced to a minimum.

- Individual combination of components to suit the current task
- No ballast through unnecessary functions
- Readily extended at any time
- Always the latest version by integrating newly developed modules

- Decentralized arrangement
- Independent intelligent components through single chip processors
- Simple and reliable operation
- Long life, all functional components have maximum resistance to chemicals and heat
- Automatic filling of up to four independently operating viscometers
- Automatic emptying and cleaning with up to two cleaning liquids
- Facility for mixed operation with two sample types dissolved in different media
- Operations controlled completely by PC
- Maximum safety in handling dangerous substances

- Automation of time-consuming, labour-intensive manual operations
- Very large sample throughput
- Daily capacity can be accurately predicted

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