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Think innovative means act innovative
Think innovative means act innovative
No problem with the new WTW-inoLab benchtops of the seven hundred line. The WTW-inoLab benchtops embark on a simple strategy, to make your work as simple as possible. The inoLab 720 instruments ensure the highest measuring comfort to an absolute beneficial price, ideal for daily routine measurement. All function keys are clearly arranged. Automated calibration functions as well as an "AutoRead" function care for stable and reproducible measuring results. The Multifunctional display for pH, DO, conductivity and temperature makes it easy the read the measuring values. The ional 730 instruments with digital interface. GLP supporting functions like real time clock, calibration protocol, identification number and Datalogger for 800 data sets provide a complete documentation of all your measuring results. An optional printer simplifies the data recording additionally. The inoLab 735 has an exceptional position with Ion specific functions and graphical display. The inoLab 740 instruments make modern work easy. Ease of use, precise measurements and strong communication. Highest performance with most modern communication techniques. The detachment of measuring places and peripherals open up plenty of opportunities. The Top of the inoLab family presents the pH/ION/Cond 750. A multi parameter instrument with ION functions, like standard addition or blind value correction, as well as two galvanic separated inputs and conductivity measurement. All-in-one instrument with a multiple readout on a graphical back lit display. The appropriate software package MultiLab pilot enables the control via PC. Data monitoring or direct transfer into windows programs like Excel or Access.

WTW, Germany (05/05/2004)
Mark NTL204-16

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