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Monitoring scrupulously
Monitoring scrupulously
In order to assure the quality of the optical components and of the evaluation software of the contact angle-measuring instrument, Kruess now offers lithographically applied standards of the shape of drops. These standards, to calibrate contact angles of 30°, 60° and 120°, may be obtained with a certificate traceable to international standards. To complement these standards there is also a set of calibration images available for the MobileDrop, which follow exactly the trace of the Young-Laplace equation. The instrument is adjusted with attached support columns to optimize the experimental setup to the on site conditions and the small surface available. The MobileDrop is an analytical system, semi-automatic, and completely integrated for the measurement of the contact angle and the surface energy for samples of almost any size. The weight of the instrument and its very easy operation with a notebook predestine this equipment for quality control in the lab or directly in the production area.

Krüss, Germany (10/28/2008)
Mark NTL407-20

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