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An Accomplishment in High-Temperature DSC
An Accomplishment in High-Temperature DSC
The new DSC 404 F1 Pegasus® by NETZSCH is capable of high precision sample analysis across an extremely broad temperature range from -150°C to 2000°C in a number of applications such as ceramics, metals, plastics, and composites. Unique among high-temperature DSC instruments is the optional temperature-modulated DSC (TM-DSC), which can separate reversible from irreversible energetic effects.
A great variety of both standard and optional features makes the DSC 404 F1 Pegasus® particularly flexible and effective. Various furnaces can be easily interchanged by the user and combined with a swiveling double furnace lifting device. Also, different sample carriers (DSC, DTA), an automatic sample changer (ASC) for up to 20 samples, and plenty of accessories, such as crucibles in numerous shapes and materials, are available.
Its proven vertical format and vacuum-tight construction not only make the DSC 404 F1 Pegasus® easy to operate and very robust, but also enable the implementation of measurements under pure gas atmospheres, which is particularly important for samples sensitive to oxidation. The various DSC sensors are characterized by optimal sensitivity, short response times and high reproducibility.
As with all NETZSCH instruments, this excellent product is complemented by expert application support and first-rate service.

Netzsch, Germany (07/07/2008)
Mark NTL208-328

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