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CANNON offers new product-specific literature
CANNON Instrument Company has printed a variety of specific product bulletins for distribution to dealers and interested individuals and organizations. Newly available publications include the Digital Paddle Viscometer (DPV), the TE-1500 Constant Temperature Bath, the CANNON Mini-Rotary Viscometer (CMRV-5000), the CCS-2050/2100 Cold-Cranking Simulators, the miniAV Automatic Viscometer, the CAV 2000 Series Automatic Viscometers, and Viscosity Standards. The new literature incorporates design elements and content from the 2007-2008 CANNON Catalog, Innovations in Viscosity Measurement. Copies of the bulletins are available by request in printed and PDF file formats. CANNON® Instrument Company offers a broad spectrum of viscosity-related products and services including calibrated and uncalibrated glass viscometers, viscosity standards, automatic and semi-automatic viscometers, and constant temperature baths. Other products include rotational viscometers, flash point testers, cold-cranking simulators and the thermoelectric Bending-Beam Rheometer.

Cannon, USA (03/01/2008)
Mark NTL307-39

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