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S2 Ranger with new detector
S2 Ranger with new detector
One year after the acquisition of Röntec by Bruker AXS, we are proud to announce the release of the S2 RANGER with the unique XFlash® detector inside. The XFlash is a LN2-free silicon drift detector (SDD) of the 3rd generation. Due to innovations in both SDD chip design and signal processing technology the XFlash performance and reliability is clearly superior to any other semiconductor X-ray detector available today. Like the previous SDD detector, the XFlash provides excellent energy resolution of 150 eV (Mn Ka) at count rates of a few thousand cps. However, in contrast to its predecessor, the XFlash shows the same resolution also at 50,000 cps. With the new XFlash® detector the energy resolution is now stable and independent of the pulse load. Applications in the production control, e.g cement or limestone, will benefit from this enhanced stability. In addition the detection limits for sulphur are improved. The XFlash detector will be used for all S2 RANGERs produced from now on. These new S2 RANGERs will get the "XFlash® inside" button to point out this unique advantage. Existing brochures will be marked accordingly.

Bruker AXS, Germany (11/04/2007)
Mark NTL307-11

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