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Sievers 900 Portable TOC Analyzer Takes the Lab to the Field
Sievers 900 Portable TOC Analyzer Takes the Lab to the Field
The Sievers 900 Portable TOC Analyzer, weighing only 12.5 kg and measuring 35.6 x 22.3 x 46.5 cm, is the first portable TOC analyzer of its kind, bringing the lab to the field. It can be hand-carried anywhere for on-line measurement, used for grab samples, or connected to an autosampler for high volume applications in a laboratory. It requires no external reagents or gas supplies and boasts a four-minute analysis time and a 0.03 to 50 ppb measurement range. The Sievers 900 Portable's color touch-screen display provides an intuitive menu to quickly establish operating parameters, such as setup and automated calibration procedures, and to graph historical or real-time data. A USB drive enables easy data transfer. The Analyzer was engineered for ease of use and cost-effective operation, requiring no external reagents or gas supplies. It typically needs only a few hours of preventive maintenance annually. The Sievers 900 Portable won Instrument Business Outlook's 2005 Gold Award for Best Portable Analytical Instrument Industrial Design.

GE Analytical, USA (04/02/2007)
Mark NTL107-32

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