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Automatic High Precision Polarimeter
Automatic High Precision Polarimeter
Conventional polarimeters operate with only one light source at one wavelength, but in chemical and pharmaceutical research or in quality control much more versatile instruments are required to fulfil national and international standards, pharmacopoeias or other regulations. The GYROMAT-HP automatic high precision polarimeter, manufactured by DR. KERNCHEN GMBH, Germany, can be supplied with up to three light sources and 6 standard-wavelengths within the UV / VIS range to meet the demands of modern laboratories. Furthermore, the GYROMAT-HP offers: high accuracy, checkable by quartz standard; measuring ranges for optical rotation, specific rotation and concentration; digital display of measured data, measuring range, sample temperature and sample identification; GLP conform data report via printer port; RS-232 serial data interface for communication with PC or LIMS; connector for optional PC keyboard; configurable analogue output for writer or integrator link; easy, menu-guided operation by means of keyboard and display; and a software program for GLP-conform data recording by PC.

Anton Paar, Austria (04/01/2007)
Mark NTL107-14

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