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CANNON announces Heat Exchanger Tube option for CAV-2200
CANNON announces Heat Exchanger Tube option for CAV-2200
CANNON Instrument Company announces the availability of a new option for temperature control enhancement of the CAV-2200 high temperature bath during low temperature application testing. All CAV-2200 instruments are shipped with a single Heat Exchanger Tube built into the left-hand bath, permitting low temperature operation. The new Heat Exchanger Tube option provides the same cooling option for the RIGHT-HAND bath for circulation of cooling liquid from the user's refrigerated chiller. This option is recommended when both baths may be operating below 40°. The Heat Exchanger Tube facilitates bath temperature stability near ambient temperature and may make testing possible at slightly sub-ambient temperatures. The Heat Exchanger Tube must be used with a chiller. The part number for the Heat Exchanger Tube option is P61.3643. This CAV-2200 option is currently available at a price of $345 US.

Cannon, USA (12/10/2006)
Mark NTL106-41

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