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ODP with Data Interpreter Software
ODP with Data Interpreter Software
The newly developed Olfactory Detection Port (ODP 4) from GERSTEL enables simultaneous detection of compounds with the human nose and a mass spectrometer. The ODP 4 is highly inert and uniformly heated, resulting in good recovery and sensitive olfactory detection even for high-boiling and polar compounds. Make-up gas with or without humidification can be added to the GC column effluent as required. The multi-swivel holder is firmly held in place with a single turn of the fixation knob for easy positioning and optimized ergonomics. Marker pins ensure accurate and reproducible nasal positioning and best possible results, even at low flows. Sorbent tubes can be inserted for trapping and concentration of interesting fractions for further analysis.

The new Olfactory Data Interpreter (ODI) software enables time-aligned sensory evaluation of compounds eluting from the GC/MS complete with intensity levels and qualifiers displayed in a combined olfactogram. Compounds can be searched in the NIST database, and their identity added and reported. The ODI software provides the analyst with helpful software tools that are also relevant for evaluation of sensory panel data such as: Cumulative Olfactogram presentation, Aroma Extract Dilution Analysis (AEDA), as well as Flavor Dilution (FD).

Gerstel, Germany (04/25/2022)
Mark NTL122-113