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NEW - The Variable Speed Rotor Mill can be used as a cutting mill!
NEW - The Variable Speed Rotor Mill can be used as a cutting mill!
Turn your PULVERISETTE 14 premium line with just a few simple steps into a Cutting Mill

The PULVERISETTE 14 premium line is the only Variable Speed Rotor Mill on the market, which is also suitable for cutting. As a Cutting Mill it is ideal for fast, efficient pre- and fine comminution of soft to hard-tough, fibrous materials and plastics with a max. feed size < 10 mm.

Easy Conversion
Simply insert a labyrinth disk, a collecting vessel, a cutting rotor with cooling fins, a sieve shells holder with fixed knives and sieve shells as well as the lid of the collecting vessel. The comminution then takes place by cutting and shearing. The instrument detects the inserted labyrinth disk and automatically operates optimised with up to 18,000 rpm and a rotor peripheral speed of up to 83 m/s for extremely high final finenesses. Cutting rotors, fixed knives and sieve shells made of different materials can be used for controlling the abrasion behaviour – for each application the perfect solution. The selected sieve shells, which are offered with trapezoidal or round perforation from 0.08 – 4 mm, determine the desired final fineness. And the use of a FRITSCH Cyclone separator will further improve throughput and cooling and is indispensable for finer mesh sizes.

FRITSCH premium advantage: Heavy-metal- and iron-free-grinding and sample preparation according
Only FRITSCH has it: Cutting rotors made of stainless steel TiN-coated with rotor edges and fixed knives made of pure titanium and zirconium oxide and corresponding TiN-coated sieve shells for heavy-metal- and iron-free grinding and sample preparation according to RoHS.

FRITSCH premium advantage: Absolutely safe working
If the instrument lid with the practical quick-clamping lock is opened unintentionally, an integrated safety lock prevents the opening of the instrument.

FRITSCH premium advantage: Even less wear
The fixation against twisting of the sieve shells holder and collecting vessels ensure less wear and even quieter, vibration-free operation.

FRITSCH premium advantage: Easy cleaning
In contrast to conventional Cutting Mills, the entire grinding chamber of the PULVERISETTE 14 premium line – not only the cutting rotor and sieve insert, but also the collecting vessel with lid and fixed knives – can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher. And for sterile comminution, all grinding parts, which come into contact with the sample and the grinding chamber itself, are autoclavable.

Up-dated information on the FRITSCH Variable Speed Rotor Mill as a Cutting Mill can be found here: www.fritsch-international.com/p-14pl

Photo: Variable Speed Rotor Mill PULVERISETTE 14 premium line as cutting mill

Fritsch, Germany (06/16/2021)
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