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Long-term pipetting with Socorex
Long-term pipetting with Socorex
Selecting a reliable pipette is a first step to trouble free work in the laboratory; and when the instrument features quick and easy maintenance, many benefits arise.

Time efficient maintenance
Shock, heat, chemicals and UV lights are no threat to our Acura® manual pipettes as the materials are carefully selected. Maintenance requirements are consequently close to inexistent and when an instrument does need repairing, it is made very easy as we provide all spare parts in order to extend the pipette’s life span.
Choosing long-lasting instruments such as Acura® manual limits waste generation and has therefore a positive impact on the environment.

Cleaning and autoclavability
Cleaning liquid handling instruments is critical since they can be easily contaminated by all the different liquids they are exposed to. Our manual micropipettes can be quickly disassembled for cleaning without the use of any tool, thus drastically limiting risks of sample contamination.
Thorough sterilization and cleaning can be achieved by autoclaving the instrument fully assembled (121° C / 250° F – 20 minutes). The Acura® manual line can be fully autoclaved in one piece, meaning it will not need to be calibrated after.

Socorex, Switzerland (05/31/2021)
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