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High Throughput Quality Control for Bottled Water
High Throughput Quality Control for Bottled Water
High standards. High throughput. Consumers and legislation are demanding ever-increasing levels of safety and quality for bottled water. Your challenge is ensuring cost-effective, efficient and contamination-free operation from factory to shelf to meet the growing demand for the world’s most popular drink.
Smart, ready-to-use Quality Control systems by Sartorius provide all you need to meet these requirements. Quick and convenient– for the purest water quality.

Microbiological Water Testing
Your bottled water must be of an appropriate purity standard for drinking water and microbial contamination can occur at your water’s source or during the treatment and bottling process. Therefore, regular, routine testing of process piping, and tubing/gaskets, as well as source water from external springs and wells, is crucial for maintaining your water’s quality and safety.

What to test?
      •  For microbial quality control, it is recommended to test for coliform bacteria (specifically E. coli), as well as bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterococci are recommended for microbial quality control.
      •  Since throughput can be challenging when testing your bottled water, Sartorius offers products designed for speed and convenience, saving your microbiologists valuable time when testing.

e.motion Dispenser Membrane filters
Membrane filtration is the established method of choice for water testing as you can test a higher volume of the sample by concentration of potential contaminants on the membrane filter. This method provides reliable and reproducible results. The recommended filter type for microbiological testing of liquid samples is cellulose nitrate (mixed cellulose ester) filter with grid lines. Your benefits include:
      •  Various filter colors allow the optimal contrast to colonies for easy quantification and identification
      •  High recovery rates of microorganisms
      •  Fast flow rates of liquid samples with High flow membranes
      •  Easy colony counting due to clear colony morphology and distinct grid lines.
      •  No inhibition of microbial growth by grid lines
      •  Available in 2 different packages sizes
      •  Configured for use with automatic Mircrosart® e.motion dispenser

Sartorius, Germany (03/30/2021)
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