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S6 JAGUAR - Full WDXRF on a Bench
S6 JAGUAR - Full WDXRF on a Bench
The S6 JAGUAR WDXRF combines excellent analytical performance based on cutting edge technology with compact size and Plug-and-Analyze installation.

The industry-ready WDXRF analyzer
The S6 JAGUAR offers more analytical power with typically more than 50% reduced measurement times than any other compact WDXRF instrument, featuring its new compact WDXRF goniometer, closely coupled optics, and 400 W direct excitation power. Based on the brand new HighSense™ XE detector with its ultimate linear range of more than two Million cps, it delivers excellent accuracy and precision for quality control in industrial labs.
The S6 JAGUAR system components are well protected by our proven SampleCare™ technology, ensuring highest instrument uptime and lowest cost of operation, especially when running liquid or powder samples.

400 W HighSense Power
Higher sample throughput, enhanced analytical precision, and better trace element detection with 400 W HighSense™ Power: 50% shorter measurement times and double sample throughput or 30% better analytical precision is provided with the 400 W excitation power of S6 JAGUAR compared to 200 W.

Versatile HighSense Goniometer
The S6 JAGUAR with HighSense™ detector technology easily covers the entire concentration range with linear count rates of 2 Mcps in one calibration. The HighSense™ XE detector for heavy elements even comes with a two times better energy resolution than conventional counters, significantly reducing inter-element effects.

Versatility for research and academia
The new compact WDXRF goniometer with its HighSense™ technology enhances both, sensitivity and spectral resolution, providing the analytical flexibility and performance for academia and material research. With up to four sample masks for different sample sizes, up to four analyzer crystals, and two detectors, the S6 JAGUAR enables fast multi-element analysis for the entire concentration range from ppm to 100%.
The standardless quantitation software SMART-QUANT WD™ delivers accurate results, even for totally unknown samples, based on new powerful fundamental parameter algorithms

HighSense XE Detection
The S6 JAGUAR is twice as powerful as a 200 W system and 8 times more powerful than a 50 W system. The major advantage of sequential WDXRF is that every single element is analyzed with optimal instrument parameters. And the S6 JAGUAR is the master of analytical flexibility: The direct excitation power of 400 W leads to excellent element sensitivity without compromise. Full power is available at 30 kV for light elements and 50 kV for heavy elements!

Bruker AXS, Germany (05/29/2020)
Mark NTL120-112